Donor Breast Milk

Donated breast milk helps to save the lives of premature and sick babies whose mother’s are unable to  provide them with sufficient breast milk of their own. Milk banks in the USA and UK strive to look after donors and make the process of donating milk as simple as possible.  Mother’s milk is always the best option for her baby; however, this is not always an option.  

While formula is an option, being able to use the donor breast milk of another mother is the next best thing in many circumstances- it provides benefits that only breast milk can!


Some mother’s find themselves in different circumstances when they have milk they cannot use for their own baby.  They may have an oversupply and their freezer is overflowing with milk they’ll never be able to use. They have a child who, for whatever reason, isn’t able to drink the amount of breast milk that “Mom” produces or they may want to help  a mother-in-need.

Even in some circumstances, there are mother’s who have had a child pass away, who continue to want to pump milk and donate to others. 

For the most part, donating and receiving milk through a milk bank, such as one run by

HMBANA-(Human Milk Banking Association of North America) is generally accepted and encouraged.  They have very strict procedures for accepting milk from donors and the milk is put through a pasteurization process to help protect immune-compromised babies in the NICU(Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) who are often the  recipients of milk bank donor milk.  

Some Milk banks charge $4.00 /oz. HMBANA does not charge for the milk itself, only for the processing of the milk. 

The practice of Milk Banking is well over 100 years old.  Milk banking is older than blood banking, and has a safer track record.  Modern Milk Banking grew in the early 1900’s when wet nursing became less practical and the development of refrigeration and a greater knowledge of safe food processing allowed for pasteurization.  

To inquire about obtaining milk or donating milk in North Texas contact:

The Mother’s Milk Bank of North Texas
7617 Benbrook Parkway
Benbrook, TX  76126
(817) 810-0071
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