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Initial Visit: (1.5-2 hours) $180.00

  • Initial Maternal/Baby Assessments, health history-personalized for you and your baby
  • Before and after feeding weights; Care Plan and Physician Report
  • Includes 2 weeks of follow-up contact at your discretion by phone, text, or e-mail

Follow-Up Visit: (1-hour) $125.00

  • Follow-Up for existing clients only
  • Review and address care plan and any other related breastfeeding concerns
  • Extends phone, E-mail, and text follow-up for 1 week

Initial Virtual Visit: (1hour-1 ½ hours) $100.00

  • Virtual visits can be scheduled to provide assistance, education, and guidance for breastfeeding/pumping concerns the client may have.
  • Please be advised that a virtual consult cannot cover certain assessments that are only performed in-person
  • Includes 1 week of follow-up communication by phone, text, or E-mail

Follow-Up Virtual Visit: (1 hour) $75.00

  • Follow-Up Virtual visits are only for existing clients only

Information Session (30 minutes): $50.00

 This session is for providing information for those who do not want to book a consult, but for those who choose to discuss lactation concerns over the phone. 

My Approach

Babies are “precious miracles” to nurture, cherish, and love. Whether you are a 1st time parent or expanding your family, a baby brings many different emotions including: happiness, purpose, hope, and challenge, but let’s face it … babies don’t come with instruction manuals.

Breastfeeding can foster an intimate bond and provide complete and optimal nutrition. It requires patience, practice, and continued support to be successful. Precious Miracles Lactation offers support, education, and guidance for your breastfeeding family- all in the privacy of your home. Serving Keller, Southlake, & Westlake,Texas.

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