Find What Makes You Happy!

In this stressful and uncertain time of the Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) pandemic, where we are practicing social distancing and our sense of normalcy is presently changed, it is so important to protect our mental health and focus on the positive aspects of our lives.

It’s easy to dwell on being stuck at home; unable to go out and see friends and family out of town. Our kids are having school online, as well as many people are working from home. All that we once knew is on complete hold, and we feel as if we have no control and have no idea how long this will last. As much as this is all true, it’s not going to change what’s happening right now all around us. Instead, I believe it will help to focus on what we can do or have; getting the chance to spend more quality time with immediate family/pets, taking on home projects, gardening, organizing, walking, catch-up on shows that we have been way too busy to enjoy, dive into a new book, try some new recipes, and most importantly- be grateful for your health and a new sense of appreciation for all that you’ve discovered about yourself!


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